Dronesafe – UK Drone laws explained by the CAA

An explanation of Dronesafe given by a representative of the CAA.

Drone Flying in the UK: Laws & Rules with the CAA Drone Code (Dronesafe)

In this video, Amy chats with Jonathon Nicholson from the Civil Aviation Authority (CAA) about how, when, and where you can fly your drone in UK airspace.

Updated: In response to comments about the specific content of the video, Jonathan Nicholson, Assistant Communications Director at the Civil Aviation Authority said:

“The basic safety rules over where you can and can’t fly a drone are the same – whether you hold a commercial approval or not. Having a commercial approval doesn’t immediately exempt you from any of the Dronecode. A lot of commercial operators have permission to fly in a congested area – but this is not automatic.

What you can’t do without a commercial approval is be paid for your flight

Whether you have a commercial licence or not you can apply for permissions to do things beyond the regulations – but we’ll be looking for an equivalent level of safety.

Technically there are places in London where you can fly drones and meet the safety requirements e.g. a large park when it’s not busy. But you also need to be aware of any local rules e.g. local authority bylaws.

On the 400ft limit – it’s not impossible that you will encounter aircraft / helicopters below 400ft e.g. a medivac helicopter. The 400ft limit is so you can see your drone and have the necessary visual perception of the airspace around you to avoid anything else that comes along.”

By following the CAA’s Dronesafe Drone Code you can stay safe and legal while flying your drone in the UK, capturing the beauty of the British landscapes.

The CAA’s Dronesafe Drone Code provides and easy checklist of rules to follow when flying your drone:

1. Always keep your drone in sight
2. Stay below 400ft (120m)
3. Follow the manufacturers instructions
4. Stay 50m away from people and 150m away from congested areas
5. Remember you are responsible for your flight
6. Stay well away from aircraft, airports and airfields

For more info head to the CAA site